Penang Open: After Round 6

Round 6 

11GMGrigoryan Karen H.257151 - 0GMNguyen Duc Hoa25042
231IMGunawan Ronny22810 - 1IMRathnakaran K.230726
37FMPriasmoro Novendra24231 - 04IMPascua Haridas24246
437Miciano John Marvin222440 - 14FMErigaisi Arjun235915
516IMNouri Hamed235541 - 04FMAndyka Pitra229727
63IMYeoh Li Tian24801 - 0IMLi Bo234419
75IMDimakiling Oliver2425½ - ½IMSenador Emmanuel233921
88GMBarsov Alexei24161 - 0IMLioe Dede232822
911IMVo Thanh Ninh2399½ - ½GMBarus Cerdas232023
1032Pranav V22631 - 0IMFirman Syah Farid

Looking at the Penang Open 2017 schedule, this is the only day that has one round besides the round on the last day(tomorrow). Not surprising the players went all out and there were 8 decisive results on the top 10 boards.

GM Grigoryan Karen continues his perfect 6/6 score winning GM Nguyen Duc Hoa.

Half a point behind him are IM Rathnakaran and FM Priasmoro Novendra.


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